Atahama Firewave

Elemental Fusionist


Name: Atahama Firewave
Race: Human (Renegade Blackfoot)
OCC: Elemental Fusionist
Experience Level: 1
Current XP/XP Needed for Next Level: ?/?

Alignment: Unprincipled
Birth Order/Family Ties:
Place of Origin:
Childhood Environment:
Social/Economic Background:
Insanity (unless ME is 16 or higher):
Description Height, weight, distinguishing features

Attributes Bonus
IQ 12 n/a
ME 14 n/a
MA 12 n/a
PS 17 + 2 melee damage
PP 13 n/a
PE 34 + 8 Save v. Poison/Magic, + 34% Save v. Coma/Death
PB 17 35% Charm/Impress
Speed 26 n/a

Hit Points 37
SDC 26 (36 with Fire/Water Protective Field)
PPE 94 (Recovers 5/hour of sleep, 10/hour of meditation)


Attacks per melee: 4
Initiative: Standard
Perception: + 3 in wilderness, – 2 in village/town, – 4 in large town/city, – 6 in large city
Melee Damage bonus: + 2
Critical Strike: Natural 20
Strength Category: Standard
Carrying Capacity:
Lifting Capacity:
Normal Movement Speed: X yards per melee round (Spd x 5)

Hand to Hand Type: BASIC
Natural Strike Bonus (No WP Bonuses):
Natural Parry Bonus (No WP Bonuses):
Standard Dodge Bonus:
Modern Dodge Bonus (PP and OCC bonuses only):
Disarm Bonus:
Bonus to Roll w/Impact: + 2
Bonus to Pull Punch: + 2

Weapon Proficiencies:
W.P. name—List totaled bonuses from W.P. only
(Firearms do NOT add Natural Strike bonuses)

WP Rifle + 1 to Strike
WP Archery + 1 to Strike, + 1 to Parry, Rate of Fire: 2
WP Axe + 0 to Strike
WP Sword + 1 to Strike

Saving Throw Bonuses
Coma/Death: + 44%
Toxins/Disease (15+): + 2 (virtually immune to all natural diseases)
Magic (varies): + 8
Lethal Poison (14+): + 10
Non-Lethal Poison (16+): + 10
Insanity (12+):
Psionics (varies):


O.C.C. Skills

Skill Name Base Addl/lvl Current Level
Native Language:American 88% +1% 88%
Language:Faerie Folk 65% +3% 65%
Language:Dragonese/Elven 65% +3% 65%
Language:Elemental 60% +2% 60%
Climbing 55/45% +5% 55/45%
Horsemanship:General 40/20% +4% 40/20%
Lore:Demons & Monsters 35% +5% 35%
Lore:Faerie Folk & Creatures of Magic 35% +5% 35%
Intelligence 42% +4% 42%
Outdoorsmanship n/a n/a n/a
Swimming 75% +5% 75%
Prowl 32% +4% 32%
Track & Trap Animals 45/55% +5% 45/55%
Track Humanoids 35% +5% 35%
Running n/a n/a n/a
Land Navigation 56% +4% 56%
Wilderness Survival 55% +5% 55%
WP Axe n/a n/a n/a
WP Archery n/a n/a n/a
WP Rifle n/a n/a n/a
Hand to Hand:Basic n/a n/a n/a

O.C.C. Related Skills

Skill Name Base Addl/lvl Current Level
Holistic Medicine 30/20% +5% 30/20%
Pilot:Canoe/Kayak/Paddle Boat 55% +5% 55%
WP Sword n/a n/a n/a
Hunting n/a n/a n/a

Secondary Skills

Skill Name Base Addl/lvl Current Level
Language:Sioux 50% +3% 50%
Identify Plants & Fruit 30% +5% 30%
Preserve Food 30% +5% 30%
Skin & Prepare Animal Hides 35% +5% 35%


OCC Abilities Elemental Fusionist

Elemental Resistance:
25% Resistance to Fire/Water (cold) based damage
improves with level

Sense Elementals:
Fire and water elementals can be detected within a 100’ radius

Increased Healing:
Fusionist heals at twice the normal rates in the wilderness, triple in mountains

Share PPE with Elementals: NOTE: PPE costs are all tripled in city or inside buildings
Can share up to 30 PPE from a willing fire or water elemental; cannot tap into ley lines or other sources

Elemental Fusionist Powers: Rifts Unlimited Edition; p. 101-102
-25 SDC points of protection per level, AR 16
-Targets attacking character in melee take 1d4 damage per attack
-PPE: 8
-One bolt of fire per caster level is summoned
-3d6 SDC damage per level, improves with level
-PPE: 6
-Can breathe in fire, somke or water. Vision is unobstructed in those conditions
-PPE: 1
-Creates an virtually imperceptible field around the caster instinctively
-The only indication that it is up will be a small splash of water or plume of flame upon being struck
-Grants the caster an additional 10 SDC per level
-PPE: 3
-Throwing motion unleashes a burst of Steam
-Range: 20’ per level
-Damage: 5d6 (3d6 to MDC targets, 10d6 to creatures vulnerable to water
-Opponents Dodge at a – 3
-PPE: 3

Magic Abilities Elemental Fusionist

Frostblade Level 2 Water Elemental Spell
Rifts Book of Magic; p. 83
PPE: (7)
Duration: Two minutes per caster level
Saving Throw: None
6d6 SDC Damage, MDC material
Fire creatures take 8d6 SDC Damage
If Fire creatures take double damage from water/cold, the Frostblade does 10d6 SDC Damage

Special Skills Elemental Fusionist

Speak Elemental; Elementals view the Fusionist as an equal
See OCC Skills above

Increased Swimming Prowess:
+ 20% to Swimming


Dinosaur Bone armor of Orc-make
AR 12 SDC 45




Additional Information & Character Background:


Atahama Firewave

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