Welcome to the New West.

You have found your way to a dusty town founded on the principle of second chances. The Coalition rests a little more than 100 miles away in the outpost of Fort Omaha, gateway to Chi-Town across the Missouri River. The broken remnants of a massive Pre-Rifts highway leads to the Great Barrier mountains far to the west, and the promise of acceptance there in the Colorado Baronies.

Here? There is little but empty space and wilderness. The Lakota Sioux threaten from the north, the Comanche from the south. A powerful farming family rules the town, and bandits roam the outskirts. The town of Penance is in the Nebraska Territory, off of the Barrier Highway and the Platte River. It’s on the way to nowhere, yet something about this dusty town is drawing attention. The Coalition is always watching. Travelers are showing up more frequently than ever before. For now, though, it is county politics that threaten danger for the residents of Penance. But there is a storm gathering on the horizon.