NG 480 Turbo Hovercycle

The latest and most advanced of the combat bikes is the 480 Turbo. It sacrifices speed for handling and maneuverability nearly the equal of the NG-300 Speedster. Although it does not offer the prowl ability, the Turbo runs quietly, and performs Vertical Take-Offs and Landings (VTOL) , hovers in mid-air, and handles like a dream. It comes standard with a double-barrel, ball laser turret that can turn side to side 180 degrees and up and down in a 45 degree arc of fire. Like the MI 3000 Firefly, the Turbo features a pair of ball-action hoverjets in the rear (knock-offs of the MI design). The two ball-action hoverjets provide excellent handling and mobility, while the two jets above it can be kicked in at any time to provide maximum speed. If there is a design flaw, it’s that the Turbo tends to be nose heavy, making stunts and jumps a bit tricky.

Vehicle Type: Hovercycle
Crew: One rider, and one passenger can sit behind the driver, but it makes for a cramped ride and is not comfortable even on short trips and imposes a – 5% piloting skill penalty.
Maximum Speed: 220 mph
Maximum Altitude: 400 feet and can handle drops of up to 400 feet
Maximum Range: 800 miles
Engine: Combustion or electric engine; nuclear engine available, but rare
Length: 11 feet
Weight: 1,000 Ibs
Armor by Location: Made of MDC Material
Main Body — 92
Rear Hover Jets ball housing (2) — 40 each
Rear Jet Boosters (2) – 35 each
Undercarriage Directional Jets (8) – 4 each
Forward Headlight (1) — 5
Windshield (1)—20
Weapons (Standard)
Double-Barrel Heavy Ball-Laser 4D6 Single, 6D6 Double; Range is 2000 feet (610 m), payload is 40 shots.
Weapons: (Optional)- must purchase separately
See Rifts Lone Star, p. 60

Cost: 225,000 credits gasoline engine or 240,000 credits for electric, or 850,000 nuclear with a 10 year life.


NG 480 Turbo Hovercycle

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