Converting MDC to SDC

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1.) Our house rules do not use MDC as outlined in the Rifts core rules, but acknowledge that some differences are present. MDC technology damage, such as Rifts era weapons, are considered to be greater in effectiveness than their SDC equivalents. These weapons gain an extra two dice of damage. (i.e. A 3d6 MDC energy pistol will do 5d6 damage) Magic and super abilities are converted on a one-to-one basis unless stated otherwise. At the GM’s discretion, a spell or super ability may also be granted the benefit of the two dice bonus. Burst damage is NOT enhanced, so a short or long burst weapon will do the stated damage- simply in SDC format instead of MDC. (i.e. 1d4x10 MDC burst now does 1d4x10 SDC damage)

Equipment listed on the Wiki will have both our converted SDC damage, as well as the standard MDC equivalent.

2.) Armor Ratings conversion for MDC

AR 11/12 Bionic/Robotic Light armor, General Light Armor
AR 13 Padded, plastic, light vests (i.e. Huntsman, Urban Warrior, Juicer)
AR 14/15 Bionic/Robotic Medium armor, Medium Armor
AR 15/16 Strong but lightweight armor (i.e. Bushman, Gladiator, Crusader, Explorer)
AR 16/17 Most Rifts Power Armor (i.e. Also human-sized robots, skelebots) Bionic/Robotic Heavy armor, Heavy Armor
AR 18 Giant robots, heavy vehicles (i.e. Tanks, APCs, Coalition Spider-Skull walkers) Bionic/Robotic Maximum, full plate heavy armor
AR 19/20 Magical force fields or barriers (difficult to penetrate without first collapsing the field’s SDC)

3.) Structural Capacity:
MDC material is still stronger than SDC material. So an MDC material object would be needed to parry an MDC weapon.

For example, a man wielding a standard SDC sword could not parry someone wielding a vibro blade (the MDC modern equivalent of a sword). This is the same principle as an unarmed man not being able to parry someone wielding a sword- but he could still dodge as normal.

Any attacks targeting the capacity of MDC materials (i.e. breaking an MDC wall, shattering an MDC lock, damaging an MDC vehicle) will be immune to SDC damage. If an SDC attack targets an individual wearing MDC armor, a roll that beats the AR will still inflict damage. If the armor absorbs the blow, though, no damage would be taken.

In all cases, these rules and their application are up to GM Discretion.

Converting MDC to SDC

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