Branaghan Armor

Type: Medium-Heavy Environmental Body Armor with light augmenting overcoat
Size: Human, but comes in variety of different sizes and slightly different shapes
Mobility: -15% to Climb, -25% to Prowl, Swim, etc.
Weight: Main armor 15 lbs, Overcoat 6 lbs.
Armor Rating (AR): 15
Armor by Location: MDC Materials
Main Body: 75 (additional 28 for overcoat)
Legs: 38 each (additional 12 for overcoat)
Arms: 28 each (additional 8 for overcoat)
Hat/Helmet: 40
Environmental Capabilities: Full
Standard Cost (can and will vary): 38,000 Universal Credits for Main Armor, 12,000 Universal Credits for Overcoat (can be purchased and used separately)
This armor is in extremely high demand. The relatively high price does not deter buyers


The armor is named after Jessie Branaghan, an infamous outlaw for whom the suit was custom designed. It is a heavy suit of environmental combat armor designed to be worn under a padded and armored MDC overcoat. Even though Jessie Branaghan was shot to death wearing his, both the main environmental armor and the MDC overcoat are considered stylish and extremely popular in the west.

The main armor is more a Bushman style suit of environmental plate body armor. The helmet is light and snug with a removable face plate. Many wear the armor without the helmet unless they know they are headed for a major battle or dangerous environment.

The overcoat or long-coat, also known as a duster, is a favorite among cowboys, gunfighters and sheriffs because it is both stylish and offers a surprising amount of protection, as well as making an excellent raincoat (waterproof and a good article of clothing in which to hide a shotgun or rifle under). The entire coat is lined with (relatively) lightweight MDC padding with plates over the shoulders and chest (sometimes concealed under the fabric).

Branaghan Armor

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